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Burn Permits

By default, the list is sorted by the “Active” column, with all the active fires displaying at the top.

All the columns are sortable and searchable. There is a search bar in the top right.

If a permit has neither “Yes” or “No” in the active column that means a permit has been issued, but it has not been used yet. Clicking on “Change Status” will activate a burn.

Clicking on “Change Status” when the burn status is set to “Yes”, will change the status to “No” and vice versa.

Clicking on “Delete” will remove the burn permit from the database.

Permit IDs

There are two columns relating to Permit Ids. The column titled “Permit ID” is the ID number given to applicants going forward with this new system. The “Old Permit ID” column is the ID given before using this system.

Either ID will work to stop or start a burn.

Fire Danger

The Fire Danger section is only accessible by Burn Permits Managers and Administrators.

Burn Ban? – Only two options, Under Burn Ban or Not Under Burn Ban. Selecting Under Burn Ban will remove the Apply for a Burn Permit and Start/Stop a Burn buttons on the front page and replace them with a message of your choosing below followed by reasons for the ban, also below.

Reason for Ban – You can choose as many reasons as you would like. They will display in a list form underneath the Burn Ban message when “Under Burn Ban” has been selected.

Burn Ban Language – The default message is “Burning in not allowed at this time.” You can change it to anything you would like.

Fire Map

This map displays active fires.

Clicking on the fire icon will provide you more information. Permit ID, Name, and Address. Clicking on the ID number will take you to the burn permit page and give you more details on that specific burn permit.

At the top is an address search bar. Enter an address there and you will zoom in to that location.

Burning is not permitted More Information