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  • There are three main sections in each District page. Current Burn Status, Map Information, and Restriction Information.

    Current Burn Status
    This is where you will make your most frequent changes. In this section there are 5 fields that can be changed.

    • Last Updated
    • Burn Ban?
    • Reason for Ban
    • Select Fire Restriction Level
    • Select Fire Danger Level

    Map Information
    This section you use the least and should only be changed if you were updating the coordinates for the map of the district.

    Restriction Information
    You can make changes in this section that will reflect in the options that are available to choose from in the Current Burn Status section.


    • Reasons for burn ban
    • Changing Fire Restriction Titles and Descriptions
    • Changing Fire Danger Titles
  • Click on "District" on the left sidebar.

    Click on the relevant District.

    In the "Burn Ban?" section, choose either "Under Burn Ban" or "Not Under Burn Ban".

    In the "Reason for Ban" section choose all options that apply to the burn ban.

    In the "Last Updated" section, enter the relevant date.

    Click "Update" in the right corner.

Burning is not permitted More Information